Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Strict quality control

Tateyama Kasei started from the production of methylephedrine, an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). the production and quality control of API is exactly the origin of Tateyama Kasei ourselves.

After foundation, we have applied accumulated synthetic techniques to compounds in various fields, and have been developing not only industrial raw materials but also compounds for functional materials such as electronic, cosmetic health food. The concept of quality control slighly differs depending on medicines, functional materials, health foods and ISO items, so we are updating them timely.

We, Tateyama Kasei, constantly update our own quality control system so that we canmeet expectation of our customers and their users.

Strict quality control

We challenge ourselves for new technology development with slogan, "Creative Power".

In order to provide the world standard quality assuranceand supply safe, effective and high-quality pharmaceutical products to countries around the world, in addition to Japannese GMP, which is the standard for manufacturing and quality management of pharmaceuticals, we have put the global standard quality assurance in practice which compliant with PIC / S GMP.
Production of pharmaceuticals is carried out in accordance with strictly defined procedures, but only small fluctuations in the raw material or the equipment condition may affect quality. Our staff is working together to ensure the power of observation that does not overlook such fluctions and pursuit the technological capabilities that enable our reliable quality.

Management policy

  1. Development of new products

    • We actively develop new products and new intermediates and promote them commercially.
    • We aim for multi-product production and strengthen our management base.
  2. Refinement of techniques

    • Establish company-specific techniques to improve yield.
    • We innovate facilities and improve work efficiency.
  3. "5S principles" & Completeness of quality control

    • We work together to achieve the results of work that our customes can satisfy.
    • Everyone is engaged to learn and endeavor to enrich knowledge.
  4. Raising awareness of environmental conservation, safety and health

    • We create a corporate culture that will not cause not only a big accident, but also any small accident.
    • We cultivate attitude that we will never pollute each other.