Tateyamakasei Co., Ltd. pursues the possibility that the chemistry is new from a high-quality original medicine and the medium to the healthcare product every day.

Technical infomation
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As a specialist of organic synthesis and a good partner of an organic chemistry...
Up to now, we have put the laboratory, and "Development of a new technology" is assumed to be a key word to the nucleus, and the result has been put in the development of a lot of specific technologies.
I'll introduce key technology of Tateyamakasei.

6.Miscellaneous Reactions
Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Sulfur Chemistry
Sulfur Chemistry
Reactions at Low Temperature:n-BuLi, to-90℃
 Carboxylation with carbon dioxide
 Formylation with formate
Synthesis of Chiral Compounds
 Asymmetric synthesis
 Resolution of racemates
Introduction and Removal of Protective Groups:
Introduction and Removal of Protective Groups:

Note:The reactions indicated above are typical examples. Various other kinds of reactions can be provided at customers' requests.