Tateyamakasei Co., Ltd. pursues the possibility that the chemistry is new from a high-quality original medicine and the medium to the healthcare product every day.

TOP - Greeting

We challenge ror new technology development with keywords,
"creative in Progress".

In 1953, we started our business with the manufacture of Methylephedrine.
Received ISO9001 & producing under c-GMP, we proud of our perfect quality control &
guarantee system to producd Crude Phermaceuticals, Intermediates and Organic Compounds
such as Electronic Materials.

In 2006, we have received a FDA for an API manufacturing.
It is our No.1 commitment to supply valuable high puality products to our clients in the would.

Ourefficient production system and apppropriate pollution disposal system are environmentally

Our mission is "to have progresses by the development of Value Added Products, with holding
spirits of High Quality, Best Responses to Clients and Being Environmentally Friendly".

In achieving these aims, we look forward to continue advice, encouragement, and support
from all our customers.

Chife Executive Officer
Minoru Kataguti