Tateyamakasei Co., Ltd. pursues the possibility that the chemistry is new from a high-quality original medicine and the medium to the healthcare product every day.

Business infomation
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The technology, the quality, and the speed of the Tateyamakasei Coreceive high acclaim internationally, and straighten the system that can flexibly correspond to the demand of the customer by the industrialization experience of wide, various reactions.

Trust of manufacturing
Tateyamakasei manufactures products which correspond withcustmor'srequests in 100% under our solid research sysutem. Our sophisticated technology are well accepted domestically and intermationally.

−Tateyamakasei's key-technology−
・Reaction of cyano or cyanohydrin
・Various reactions that uses active methylene
・Reduction of catalyst
・synthesis of hetero ring compound
・oxidation reaction
・low-temperature reaction(-90℃)
others : Friedel-Crafts reaction,Grignard reaction,
Halogenation, Oxygen reaction, functional group protection
Our challenges toward electronics materials
Tateyamakasei manufactures electronics materials such as, lipuid crystal, resist and EL.
, we have contract-based manufactures require low metal residue.
Challenges toward functional materials
The intermediates and raw materials Tateyamakasei manufacture have multipurpose electronics, pharmaceuticals, flavor, dye, glue. We also manufacture products from completely new field such as frontier technology by contract basis.

−Main products−
・Cyanoacetic acid esters
・Malonic acid esters
・Malon acid ・cyanoacetic acid etc

− New use−
・Semiconductor usage such as cleaning agents
・Reforming of resin
・Special photograph medicine raw material
・Metallic surface treatment medicine
・Special paints raw material

Health food market has been expanding recently for the purposes of prevention of disease and of anti-aging. Happiness exists only in being healthy in daily life. Tateyamakasei supplies trustable raw materials of high-quality health food and cosmetics.

Health food and supplement
Health food is what the end user puts directly in the mouth. Therefore, the product of the high quality is an absolute requirement.
We Tateyamakasei will offer the supported safe raw material to a high technology.

−Main products−
・α-Lipoic Acid
・Thiotic Acid Amide

・α-Lipoic Acid